Decorative Pervious at the Chino Hills Wetland!


We installed the pervious parking lot here at the Chino Hills Wetland Area as an example of beautiful, palette pleasing pervious parking. Say that 5 times fast! We took color cues from the pavers which were at the center of the parking area. We applied this color as a stain. It is also possible to do integral color. Below are a couple more angles of the whole project.

The Chino Hills Wetland Area chose pervious concrete because they were protecting their delicate native ecosystem. By using pervious concrete, and not asphalt, they will have a low- maintenance, durable parking lot for years to come. Unlike asphalt, pervious concrete requires no regular sealing and resurfacing, is not made with oil products and has no odor, and leaves no trace in hot weather.

We left the far right panel unstained at the top to show the contrast of surface stained concrete and non-stained. As you can see, in this case, adding the color enhanced the project. It is always possible to add color, either integral (a more durable color choice) or stain (a more affordable choice with more flexibility). Contact us to discuss the details of your project!