A Green Entry for a Sustainable Family Center in El Monte


Spring has sprung in El Monte, and the finishing touches to the Jeff Seymour Family Center are done. As part of the comprehensive green infrastructure design Beeson Pervious Concrete installed the pervious concrete that welcomes visitors to the the new Center.

The design folks at Amigos De Los Rios have designed a beautiful green oasis for the local community. Their plan included demonstration elements on campus will allow community residents to learn about the San Gabriel Mountains & River Watershed. An important part of a watershed is how to return stormwater to the water table. The plan included bio-swales and pervious concrete. We, at Beeson Pervious, installed the pervious concrete in the front walk as well as the back parking lot.


When we went to take these photos, Jeremy Munns, a design associate at Amigos De Los Rios, was there, and we introduced ourselves. He told us that, before the pervious concrete had been installed, that section of the front walk had generally been a large puddle after a rain. Since the install, there had been 1 big rain and the pervious concrete did its job - it all infiltrated!


Pervious concrete is an infiltration technology that allows the water that falls on it, as well as water from adjacent impervious surfaces, to infiltrate into the ground. It allows for an air and moisture exchange between subsoil and surface, making it very good for adjacent trees. It filters out pollutants that are present in stormwater and you can bike, walk, park and drive all over it!

If you would like more information on Amigos Del Los Rios green design go here. If you would like to learn more about pervious concrete and how it can be used for your application, please contact us!